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Thanks for Coverage of Sexual Abuse

Thank you to Nick Coltrain and the Athens Banner-Herald for the outstanding investigative journalism done in exposing the truth about Ernest Boland and a terrifying history of sexual abuse in our community (Stories, “Ernest Boland: Pillar of the Athens community and alleged child rapist” and “An ...

Teens and Cyber Safety

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Rape is Rape

Rape is rape. The debate surrounding whether female rape victims may or may not become pregnant as a result of the rape dilutes the issue at hand. Rape is about violence. It is a socially tolerated, pervasive sex crime of power and control used to humiliate, devalue and objectify a person. The ef...

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Cybercrimes on a Personal Level: What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying differs from cyberstalking primarily in that there is a minor involved. It’s worth nothing that cyberstalking does not preclude the involvement of minors. Tragically, cyberbullying has become a popular form of torment for some teens and preteens. While physically bullied children a...

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Child Safety Program


The Cottage, Sexual Assault Center and Children’s Advocacy Center, Inc. would like to extend a special word of “thanks” to all those professionals that gave of their time and talents to the 1st Annual Child Safety Program during the month of October 2012. Thank you to Dr. Geraldine Clark of Ath...

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